Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Council of Elders

As I said recently.

Take me back to 2003:
Judicial Review, and the overlapping term, "pendulum"

SCOTUS is a stabilizing force. Leiter calls it a "super-legislature", but it's more than that, if only by degree. If anyone wants to scream about democracy (and Leiter certainly doesn't) then they should complain we don't have referendums on everything. We elect our various representatives for set periods of time. Ending lifetime tenure for justices is a good idea but I'll always argue changes in behavior are more important than changes in rules. Ginsburg's self-absorption was obvious and the hero worship of the Notorious RBG just fed into it.  Liberal narcissism is responsible more than anything else for all this crap.

Someday I'll make the effort to find the passage in Montesquieu where he says strong societies need fewer laws. Rules are not a cure for immaturity.

Nothing above is an argument against a top marginal tax rate at 100%.

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