Wednesday, May 06, 2020

The absurdity of Brian Leiter. Adding to the record.
Directory of "Philosophers in Industry" (i.e., outside academia)
Philosopher Marcus Arvan (Tampa) has created this useful resource "intended to help academic philosophers network outside of academia, given persistent shortages in academic jobs particularly in the COVID-19 era." There is information at the website about how to contact Professor Arvan to add a name.
Richard Marshall interviews Gavin Kerr (Maynooth)... 3:16 AM.
"Gaven Kerr is a Thomist from Belfast, Northern Ireland, a married father of three, and a Third Order Dominican. He teaches theology at Mary Immaculate College Limerick." 
etc. "Scientists" and theologians against "charlatans"
"Slave revolt" 
"The Case Against Free Speech" 
"...the supposed boundary between speculative metaphysics and natural science."
Jon Elster and The Holberg Prize 
Analytical Marxists and German Bankers

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