Monday, January 25, 2010

continuing, yesterday

Architecture as material and idea, and historicist kitsch, by Anton Furst for Tim Burton (1989) and Michael Graves for the Humana Corporation (1985).

Architecture as experience, and as light, again by Edward Yang, Yi Yi, though you could just as easily use Wong Kar Wei, Hou Hsiao-hsien or any number of others...

and by Jean Nouvel.

L'Institut du Monde Arabe

Architecture as material and as experience: Yi Yi...

and The Wire

Last link from a friend.

The link's dead. Now "Baltimore as World and Representation" by Alberto Toscano and Jeff Kinkle. They wrote a book.

My usual complaints apply. Toscano contributes to a journal that wear's others' mockery with pride. The top of its About page. Now also at
Salvage is a quarterly of revolutionary arts and letters.

Salvage is edited and written by and for the desolated Left, by and for those committed to radical change, sick of capitalism and its sadisms, and sick too of the Left’s bad faith and bullshit.

Salvage has earned its pessimism. Salvage yearns for that pessimism to be proved wrong.

Salvage brings together the work of those who share a heartbroken, furious love of the world, and our rigorous principle: Hope is precious; it must be rationed.
And at the bottom, along with the praise, 
“an overdesigned manual in nihilist navel gazing”
“Coffee table architectural favela porn.”
It looks like it was designed by Bruce Mau.

Edward Yang's descriptions mark him as a bourgeois humanist. The Wire is harsh realism, descriptions of a harsh reality, the weakness of people. The moralizing anomie of Salvage is the nihilism of snobs, mourning the failure of others to live up to an idea they could never live up to themselves.

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