Monday, March 21, 2016

The politics of "design"

Vox: Inside Jacobin: how a socialist magazine is winning the left's war of ideas
repeats: What exactly is neoliberalism?, and Daston and Galison.
repeats: again, and again.
Some friends of Remeike J.B. Forbes ’11 joke that he is the most patriotic guy they know. He is a talented banjo player who is committed to learning the national folk songs of the American Left—and when he plays them at home in the Dudley Co-op, of which he is a co-president, the whole community gathers around to join in. 
But Forbes has found his politics to be far more controversial than his music. Born in Jamaica and raised in New York City, he earned himself a place at Phillips Exeter Academy. During his senior year there, after serving as president of the Exeter Socialist Club, he founded an anarchist magazine that substituted antiwar slogans for advertisements.

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