Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Quiggin, "The Three Party System"
There are three major political forces in contemporary politics in developed countries: tribalism, neoliberalism and leftism.
There are two: desire and convention. Radical hopes and greed are desire; Trotskyites and Chicago economists dream of permanent revolution. Tribalism and republicanism are conventional: form or process take precedence. Philosophers have gone from defending the absolutism of the king to the absolutism of the individual, from the universal church to universal man, searching for truth justice whatever else he wants.

Lawyers and actors are pack animals,  guildsmen looking to their peers for respect. They're conventionalists.
Al-Ghazali, as quoted by Ernest Gellner, puts Mannheim’s point more pithily – "the genuine traditionalist does not know that he is one; he who proclaims himself to be one, no longer is one."
Shakespearean actors are traditionalists. God, I hate fucking geeks.

All a repeat.

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