Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jian Ghomeshi's lawyer.
This is law. Law is process, not result. It is not "truth". This is legal formalism.
A new tag: Lawyers.  The tag for Law includes judges and philosophers.
"Lawyers are the rule of law."

Philosophers:  Leiter
What "philosophy" looks like when it ceases to be a Wissenschaft... 
...and becomes a set of sophomoric slogans and confusions. Quite amazing, as we've had occasion to note before.
Wissenschaft: the systematic pursuit of knowledge, learning, and scholarship (especially as contrasted with its application). Orig: German, literally ‘knowledge, science.’

Is there "progress in philosophy"?  Do physicists debate whether or not there is progress in physics?
The power claimed of philosophy is the power of prescription. As description it’s just another form of literature, and no philosopher will accept what by their own definition would be a drop in status. Philosophers want all the clarity of engineering and the license of poetry. What they end up with is the authoritarianism of the Roman Catholic Church and the metaphysics of hippies. 
"Leiter’s authoritarianism is founded in insecurity, and their defense of civility is founded in fluff."
Did Ghomeshi's trial result in progress? No. And that's not an argument against trials and trial lawyers.

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