Monday, June 18, 2012

For recent comments on Shalizi, the most recent is here. Work your way back if you want.
"Cosma Shalizi's discovery of Sweden", is here.
His first post is here.

But my earlier comments are connected to almost everything ever written on this page. The problems discussed are the same: the relation of elite rationalism to demotic argument and the success or failure of each as a means of representing the social and political world.

The majority of the Greek people have chosen the former, and more punishment for themselves.

One more, though you can find it through the links above: this goes back to 2006 and Shalizi's discussion of Franco Moretti.

It interests me most that Moretti's model -ethos, the form of his desire- is pretty much the same as the engineers at google. He's celebrating a technical capacity as such.

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