Wednesday, June 06, 2012

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Bertram closes one post [see below] and begins again
I’ve been reading some of Glenn Greenwald’s recent posts with increasing horror as he details the apparent willingness of the US drone campaign to attack events where non-combatants will certainly be present, such as funerals and to try to evade moral and legal responsibility by redefining “combatant” to include any military-age male in a strike zone. I’ve also been monitoring various liberal sites and blogs for signs of a reaction and not seeing much...

Fortunately, I’m not an American citizen, so I don’t have a moral decision to take about whether to vote for Obama or not this year.
A discussion among narcissists about themselves. " I don’t have a moral decision".
"We" are making enemies. Cliche as truism: "us" and "them".
A Lebanese who would describe his principles in terms matching those Bertram would apply to himself will hold his nose and vote again for March 8th.  I can't imagine anyone at CT voting with Nasrallah.

"I’ve also been monitoring various liberal sites..."
Maybe he should start reading something else.

An idiot commenter talks about Hamas and no one knows enough to shut him up.

WaPo needs someone in Cairo: "A strong candidate would bring some familiarity with the Arab world and some knowledge of Arabic, but these are not required."
Should I have to add the italics?
Congress and the Department of Justice are investigating the possibility that classified national security information has been leaked to the media and published in a series of recent news reports. But Fox News figures are not waiting for the results of these investigations.

Instead, they are attempting to scandalize President Obama's foreign policy achievements...
The above from Media Matters (with my italics). It may help to answer Bertram's question.

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