Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Utilitarian psychopaths...

Still can't get over this shit:
Euripides answers both the metaphysicians and the sociologists. It's better that a populace (the "folk") argue over (subjective) values via the process of (objective) democratic form than an elite argue over "ideas" whose values are assumed.

Democracy isn't concerned with truth. The strength of democratic process-democratic form- is stability.
Back to the myth of journalistic objectivity.

The focus of the intellectual elite on questions of absolute truth and/or technical analysis of averages (idealism and/or technocracy) both weaken democracy, the latter by focusing on managing the populace rather than educating them/us to ask how best to manage ourselves. A focus on the mean puts downward pressure on the mean: assumptions concerning the prevalence of self-interest rather than discussion of the values behind it licenses self-interest.
Neoliberalism and the neoliberal academy is a product of science and pure reason.

Yes I've said it all before.

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