Saturday, October 01, 2011

So US killed `Awlaki. I read the statement by the US government: it is unmistakable in expressing gratitude to the forces of `Ali `Abdullah Salih. It all but paid tribute to the Salih regime. It is certain that Salih delivered `Awlaki in return for continued US support. The Yemeni regime is killing around 30 people a day, and the US government yesterday issued a statement criticizing repression in...Iran. I kid you not.
You reason only in the categories and the hierarchies that you know. Yemen is not a significant category in the American imagination, including the imagination of self-serious American liberals.

As always, I'm angered more by the unacknowledged politics of intellectual rationalism than by the politics of Zionism or any other bigotry. It's no use demanding that people be saints, but one can ask that scholars not be narcissists.

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