Thursday, January 19, 2006

Taking a break from work and illness.
Russell Arben Fox understands the complexities of cosmopolitanism. Kwame Anthony Appiah does not.
M and E against history.
Are words numbers? Assuming that numbers don't change their meanings over time, who would argue that the same is [or should be] true for language?

I'm not opposed to model building, I'm not even opposed to the science of model building--
Why brilliant fashion designers, a notoriously non-analytic breed, sometimes succeed in anticipating the shape of things to come better than professional predictors, is one of the most obscure questions in history; and for the historian of culture, one of the most central.
--but if you're going to attempt it don't you think it makes sense to try to understand the form of modeling that history has shown most reliable (even if only reliable after the fact)?
My god, Holbo and company are grotesque.
This should be fun.

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