Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Returning to something started here. NPR just ran a segment on advertising after TIVO, including a reference to Sony's bouncing ball ad, available here: Bravia-Advert.com.

It's a nice short film: not brilliant but far from stupid. The editing bothers me.
I have friends who do this stuff for a living. It's how the craftspeople of Hollywood make their real money. Ads don't have credits running at the end; and I'm sure Peter Jackson still has projects lined up.

I spent an afternoon at the beach a few years ago with an Oscar-winning production designer who spent half an hour describing his plans for an Evian ad, starring most of Esther Williams' original crew. It was made in '03. He also talked about a feature he was going to be working on if it got the greenlight. I was sworn to secrecy by his assistant, whom I've known for 20 years. It still might happen. He drew out his outline on the wet sand with a stick at low tide.

What I like about the industry is that it's fee-for-service, without any of the intellectual pretentiousness of the art world.
Even novelists these days ask their publishers what they think will sell; but I've got three galleries asking me, "Are you working... are you in the studio?"
I say, "Tell me what you want, I'll make it," and they frown.

The advertisement itself takes up the last 10 seconds of the film

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