Sunday, January 15, 2006

Just fire the Democrats, please. All of them Chomskian democratic idealism does not work. The Democrats knows this, so why do they pretend otherwise? The leadership is wealthy, and their political passivity helps to assuage their guilt at making money the same way the Republican leadership does. "The people made me do it" is an easy out. I've said this before. Most people want freedom, but they want to be led. Cynics know this. Bush knows this. Honest liberals need to admit that they know this as well, and they also need to respect the people they lead. Chomsky doesn't respect the people, he simply refuses to see them as they are. He lies to himself. Brian Leiter is a Chomskian intellectual snob. P.Z. Myers is an incurious pedant, and economists of DeLong's sort trade in the pseudo-sophistication of the techno geek: technological progress is moral progress, and logic trumps craft. [I've done that one enough] This is also one more nail in the coffin of academic leftism: of October, The Whitney ISP, and these idiots - in short the Americans who read Zizek because he laughs at them. This is the failure of the pretensions of liberalism after the failure of absolute radicalism. Relative, humane, radicalism is still possible, but not without an awareness of the contradictions. But is it really radical to say "enough is enough?"

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