Sunday, September 28, 2003

The Victory of Neoliberalism
I've said from the very beginning of this crap that's it would be up to moderates to change the course of events. The left is powerless. As of tonight the intellectual 'bubble economy' of the neocons is bursting, and any conservative who takes his ideas more seriously than his anger and self pity had better get with the program. When Clinton was in office the Republicans complained not because his ideas were different from theirs but because he'd stolen them. The party moved right after that because it was the only way to stay in the game, and with some luck and a little help it worked, briefly. But in actuality neoliberalism had made conservatism outside the fringes irrelevant. The failure of the neocons, who represented little more than a self-destructive parody of conservatism, has given us the last conservative moment in this country.
Neoliberalism is capitalism now.

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