Monday, September 15, 2003

Crooked Timber on the WTO in Cancun.

I posted a comment on this post referring to the notion of greed as sin. I was referring to sin as a metaphor, or synecdoche, for any form of civic coercion or proscription, and I should have made that clearer. Rules have a purpose, and the urge to break them isn't something I celebrate. That's not to say I don't break rules but traditional morality of any sort places restrictions and controls on greed; and traditional morality -with apologies to the Christian Coalition- is something that capitalism disdains.

Traditionalism has its limitations but I have no contempt for it. Any leftist who does after the last hundred years, is a fool. I do however have unending contempt for those who argue that a force that has been regulated and controlled throughout human history should now be seen as a cure-all. I despise such people.

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