Monday, October 07, 2002

Last night in The Guardian: The People of the United States are not as arrogant or stupid as their president wants them to be. With these poll numbers, The cowardice of Daschle and Gephardt is unconscionable. This morning in The NY Times.

All three main networks have declined to present Bush's speech on Iraq tonight, which is shocking. What's even more so, or perhaps not, is that The White House isn't pushing them to show it. They're obviously a little afraid of the public seeing their man in action.

Again to remind people that generalizations concerning naive idealism and adolescent self-indulgence in (left wing) political thought should refer to the sullen citizens of the richest and most powerful country on earth and not to critics, even adolescent ones, from overseas:
"Emily Dische-Becker, a 20 year old student at Bard College... and a native of Berlin, said she had come to the city with friends and was leaving dissappointed.
'It's like pop culture, concentrated teen angst,' she said of the rally. 'The rhetoric is too heavy handed. That's the problem with American activists. They need to simplify.' Someone on the stage railed against police brutality, and she rolled her eyes."

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