Wednesday, October 02, 2002

I may not be posting as much in the near future. I was down to my last $57 in the bank -the actual number- when a call finally came in. I don't really like the idea of looking for listings for carpenters in the help wanted section. I'd rather just stay in touch with friends in the business.

The most I've got to say today is that the Democrats are now so cowardly as to be disgusting. The rest of the world is worrying about a war and they go for the economy.
You can really sense if you try, and I mean almost physically touch, the emptiness in the American political scene. The people I know who are just numb are too numerous to mention. Of course I'm talking about the scene in the big cities, not the culture as a whole. But I live in the world the pundits live in, not the world of their audience. I don't live in Peoria, or Portland Maine, where there does seem to be some life (which the pundits are ignoring). The despair I sense is a despair that may not exist outside its walls of the cities that rule the country. Indeed it seems not to and I'm grateful. But those places are not my home. I'm not a provincial. This country does not know sophistication that is not decadence. And that's a pity.
Am I supposed to be grateful for this?

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