Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I heard Kenneth Pollack, the author of "The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq" and the intellectual hero of the hawks these days, speak on the NPR affiliate in NY this morning. At the end of his spiel, the host asked him what he thought the odds were of Musharraf being overthrown, perhaps as a result of a backlash against his support of US policy.
"I can't answer that" Pollack said, "I don't know the first thing about Pakistan"

'Friedman'... That's a German name isn't it?:
" If the settlers get their way, Israel will de facto or de jure annex the West Bank and Gaza. And if current Palestinian birth rates continue, by around the year 2010 there will be more Palestinians than Jews living in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza combined. When that happens, the demand of the college anti-Israel movements will change. They won't bother anymore with divestiture. They will simply demand: 'One Man, One Vote...' If you think it is hard to defend Israel on campus today, imagine doing it in 2010, when the colonial settlers have so locked Israel into the territories it can rule them only by apartheid-like policies... This is a call for everyone who wants Israel to remain a Jewish state — and not become a binational state..."

So what happens when ther are two states, all the Palestinians in Israel leave? And if they don't do so voluntarily, do they get the boot?
The Turks in Stuttgart will have more rights than the Palestinians in Israel.

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