Sunday, October 13, 2002

In an age of global 'integration' more than half a century after the founding of the UN we are planning the installation of a puppet government to control the second largest oil reserves in the world. And not only do the Democrats cave, but we have to put up with the images of concern and moral doubt on the faces of those like Jim Leach who see themselves as carrying a heavy burden.
Of course I'm glad that Leach's vote against the power grab is earning praise from his constituents in Iowa, just as I'm angered that Diane Feinstein admitted she was voting against the wishes of her supporters. But any country as large and well organized as this one is nonetheless a danger to the planet. Decency and civility are not enough to make up for the mind bending ignorance of its people.
I prefer immigrants to Americans, even if they are the adventurous and greedy ones and I would probably prefer the members of their families who'd stay behind even if they had a choice. I prefer them to the Ameican working class, with the exception of blacks, whom I grew up fearing much less than whites because of my strange situation as a child. Immigrants at least bring with them some of the values of their own countries: the values that working people share and capitalism destroys. I tell my neighbors and co-workers, " We will all hate your grandchildren." and they laugh, or tell me their plans to go home as soon as they have enough money, or before the children grow old enough to be fully American. Even those who stay make sure they send their children back home for the summers if they can, to insulate them as much as possible from the numbness of this country.

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