Tuesday, February 08, 2022

A few years ago watching an episode of Gotham, listening to the dialogue I realized that the script had written by a playwright; that whatever the necessities of network tv, the writer had been allowed on a scene by scene basis, to build exchanges and set pieces. It didn't feel like a "screenplay"; it seemed more theatrical than filmic, but not in a way that undermined the result. TV as a medium is still very different than "film" (digital or not)—it's different in scale and structure—and the new black box surrealism is an interesting thing. 
Still fucking with this.
The change of medium and scale, from projection to glowing box, changes the focus from picture to story. The French New Wave, as literary filmmakers, were also filmmakers for the age of television. 

The new tv surrealism goes back the old tv surrealism; it goes back to Ernie Kovacs

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