Tuesday, February 22, 2022

[He deleted the tweet. When? The politics is messy. Putin's Oligarchs FT, March 11 ]

Walt is good

updated for comedy.

The Economist is published in London. Global capitalism, distributed information and all that. 

Milanovic on Putin's speech.
He's obviously using a teleprompter. I sent the link to a friend, a native Russian speaker who'd watched it; he thought Milanovic's introduction was absurd. I hadn't watched it. Now I have.

Kennan in on NATO expansion, NYT Feb 5, 1997

"Should NATO Grow? A Dissent"NYRB, August 10, 1995

Dear Mr. Secretary:

We are a group of retired Foreign Service, State Department, and Department of Defense officers who served during the Cold War. We are concerned by the potential consequences of the administration’s policy of promising to extend NATO membership to the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland. In our view, this policy risks endangering the long-term viability of NATO, significantly exacerbating the instability that now exists in the zone that lies between Germany and Russia, and convincing most Russians that the United States and the West are attempting to isolate, encircle, and subordinate them, rather than integrating them into a new European system of collective security.

the essay referred to in the letter: "Losing Russia or Keeping NATO: Must We Choose?", Arms Control Today,  June 1995

Terrell J. Starr, then and now; at The Root, since 2017, and now the Atlantic Council, and all over your TV. 

Right Sector identify themselves as followers of the Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera 

John McCain with Oleh Tyahnybok 

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