Monday, February 28, 2022

Zelensky's not the moralist; he's an advocate, playing to others' sense of morality.
[I was wrong. I gave him credit for making stupid arguments out of desperation.] 

Moralism will get us all killed. Zelensky wants a fucking no fly zone. He wants the west to go to war, and too many idiots want to do it. 

On the 27th, Tooze and Matthew Klein on Spotify, on nuclear war and the EU economy.  Tooze' "nucular" was an annoying surprise. He makes the obvious point—referring to Henry Farrell's other group blog at WaPo—that an authoritarian bureaucratic government is less likely to go nuts than a government of one man rule; the PRC has always been more rational than Putin. Then discussion of the sudden changes in EU economic policy—the end of austerity—and American obliviousness compared to European fear. Hundreds of thousands have marched in Europe.  

Mostly it's a discussion of the transformation of the EU.  The parallel to European racism is a newly united Europe. Germany and Sweden pushing arms; Switzerland ending its neutrality.  And today the 28th, Shell and BP are pulling out. 

If we all live, China is a winner, and so is social democracy. China is stronger and Russia is weaker, but [Klein] Taiwan is now safer.  Tooze disagrees. Will the PRC start seeing Russia as it sees North Korea, as a pain in the ass?  

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” Milanovic quotes Lenin

There is out there, a mature understanding of the world. I'm not sure how many people; I'm not sure it's enough. But globalism is changing, and maturing.

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