Saturday, January 08, 2022

Thinking about this again, and the earnest fans of Don't Look Up
Gaming and bitcoin, the same flat virtual world. Fantasies end in violence when they meet the world.  
Conceptualism is the intellectualism of preadolescence: imagination before experience, before the influence of sex, and the knowledge of death. The philosophy of D&D is post-war rationalism seen through the eyes of the readers of L. Frank Baum. It's T.S. Eliot without despair and Borges without Nihilism. It's the pathology of cute, and the optimism of the designers of World of Warcraft. 
I didn't mark the top line in the graph.

Guardian 1999, DiCaprio film-makers face storm over paradise lost
It was the Hollywood dream: Leonardo DiCaprio, the most beautiful boy in the world, strutting his stuff on the most idyllic beach in the Orient and starring in a dark utopian romance drawn from an internationally bestselling novel.

But the real story behind the filming of The Beach, Alex Garland's book about backpackers seeking a late 20th century Utopia, looks like concluding in ecological disaster and court cases.
Guardian 2018. Thailand bay made famous by The Beach closed indefinitely
The golden sands and crystal blue water of Maya Bay, ringed by cliffs on Ko Phi Phi Leh island, has become one of Thailand’s most-visited tourist destinations since it shot to fame as the movie’s location.

The small beach has sustained extensive environmental damage in recent years, receiving up to 5,000 tourists and 200 boats a day.

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