Sunday, December 26, 2021

Don't Look Up isn't very good; mostly it's bad, and it's worth thinking about why. But it includes the most gloriously over the top attack on autism as an ideal that I've ever seen. 

Sirota is ballyhooing, and complaining about "elite" critics, attacking corporate media and bragging about success, in corporate media. Blind enthusiasm and self-congratulation are a problem both for the film its makers. The differences between their film and the films they mock aren't as big as they pretend.

Related, since Larry Summers and antitrust, efficiency and supply-chains are in the news again...

"The emerging claim that antitrust can combat inflation reflects 'science denial'”.  

I searched the archives, but I have a short memory. I didn't have to go very far at all. It's got pretty much everything, including economics and science fiction.

This one's good too, economic pseudoscience, left-liberal utilitarianism and the moralists' understanding of art. 

Also: Saint-Simon

My first reference to the inverse relation of efficiency to stability was an annoyed comment to Dani Rodrik in 2008. It seemed obvious then.

Dani Rodrik, Angus Deaton, Krugman, and Quiggin.

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