Tuesday, November 03, 2020

American liberals mock Chatterton-Williams for commenting on on the overt performative sexuality of a fashion model, for saying that it contradicts her desire to be taken seriously, and for writing about it like a pretentious lech. His American defenders take it as a liberal attack on performative sexuality liberals otherwise condone. The French would mock him for pointing out the obvious, for being intimidated by her sexuality, and simply for being rude. 

Fashion models are one step up from hookers; they make a living off the desires of men. If Williams were capable of acting like an adult, and if he were the intellectual he claims to be, he'd have been direct and challenged her to her face, without anger or hidden aggression, and he'd know he has no reason to feel intimidated. He can fuck all the models he wants. He's handsome and connected, and a little indifference goes a long way. Or he could just shut up about it and do the interview he was paid to do for a fashion magazine. But he couldn't. He's as insecure as she is. 

Martha Nussbaum and Charlotte Rampling are both beautiful women. If Nussbaum walked into a lecture, braless, with her shirt opened to the waist, her peers would think it was a bit much. Judith Butler would make grand claims. Kristeva might be amused. American liberalism is founded on the false distinctions.

From 2016. I hope it's not a repeat. If it is, I'll blame liberals again. I always will.

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