Monday, November 09, 2020

All the screaming about the Times as if it's about censorship and free speech and not the borders of the  mainstream.

"I don’t recall anyone questioning the right of the NYT for example not to publish things the editors don’t like."  Chomsky's such an idiot.

Our new "contrarians" hate liberals and are unwilling to admit that they're reactionaries.  Moralism is reaction. It's boring to repeat the obvious.

Michael C Moynihan for VICE, on Nov 2nd. 

Steve Bannon is perhaps the most influential political strategist of recent times. In the leadup to perhaps the strangest election in US history we met with Mr. Bannon — along with powerbrokers, voters and experts — to ask how disinformation, chaos and confusion are shaping the American political landscape of the nation. 

Bannon was important once, but those days are long gone. He's a fascist, a racist, an anti-Semite, an idiot, and as of the past year he's a joke. There's nothing wrong with interviewing fascists as long as you don't cater to them, and Moynihan was still puffing Bannon on the day he called for Trump to cut off Fauci's head. He mocks the existence of white privilege while indulging it. That's more than contrarianism.

The second video is a repeat

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