Friday, June 10, 2016

In reverse order, not including the goodbye.
Seth Edenbaum @ComradeVeidt · Jun 8
.@monkeycageblog If US Poli Sci exists in an academic culture where Zionism is nearly ubiquitous how will it describe Palestinian interests?
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Seth Edenbaum @ComradeVeidt · Jun 8
.@monkeycageblog If you teach that human judgment is founded in interests before ideas, what about the interests of university professors?
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Seth Edenbaum @ComradeVeidt · Jun 8
.@monkeycageblog If u teach the objective truth of human self-interest how do you then teach the obligation in a democracy to rise above it?

Seth Edenbaum @ComradeVeidt · Jun 8
.@monkeycageblog Scientific model, moral passivity, the non-participant observer There's no feedback loop in geology
The first tweet embedded a tweet by Shaun King.

"Wow. In spite of record voter registration in California, voting PLUMMETED after the @AP said the race was over."
He included a pic.
Correlation is not causation, and the race was over.

I'd retweeted something by Sides adding that it was the first time I'd done it without a snide comment. He responded with one and it pissed me off.

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