Saturday, June 04, 2016

Billie Holiday's comment about Louis Armstrong: "...he Toms from the heart".

Ali Tommed, he shucked and jived, and then played his own foil, making ironic commentary on the expectations of his white audience. He was the clown, and then he wasn't.  He made a transition without changing his role, changing the meaning of the role, but his life was one more variation on the American tragedy, a genius inseparable from the cause of its destruction.

Two bits from the same interview, uploaded by different people for different reasons

On the interviews with Michael Parkinson, at Slate
The full 1971 interview, the source of the clips above, and without the added commentary is at Dailymotion.
Parkinson remembers Ali.

Ishmael Reed in the Times
On Ali and Frazier, at AFP

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