Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guardian: "Ecuador could extradite Belarusian dissident"
Aliaksandr Barankov says his life would be at risk if Ecuadorean court refuses to extend his status as a political refugee
David Brooks
Let’s say you’re generally a moderate voter. You look at the Romney-Ryan ticket and see that they are much more conservative than you. They don’t believe in tax increases ever.
The earnest (power) bottoms
Dean Baker
Tax Policy Center
Ryan: "...we haven't run the numbers"

Fathers and Sons:
NYT: "I was Jeff Koon's Studio Serf"
Jack Goldstein.
Most of the paintings on the page were painted by Ashley Bickerton.

“The man committing suicide controls the moment of his death by executing a back flip.”
Jack Goldstein

Despair runs deep. The Pictures Generation

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