Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guardian: "Ecuador could extradite Belarusian dissident"
Aliaksandr Barankov says his life would be at risk if Ecuadorean court refuses to extend his status as a political refugee
David Brooks
Let’s say you’re generally a moderate voter. You look at the Romney-Ryan ticket and see that they are much more conservative than you. They don’t believe in tax increases ever.
The earnest (power) bottoms
Dean Baker
Tax Policy Center
Ryan: "...we haven't run the numbers"

Fathers and Sons:
NYT: "I was Jeff Koon's Studio Serf"
Jack Goldstein.
A lot of the paintings on the page were painted by Ashley Bickerton.

“The man committing suicide controls the moment of his death by executing a back flip.”
Jack Goldstein

Despair runs deep. The Pictures Generation

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