Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Wael Ghonim.
The Googlization of Everything

Nike won the Vietnam war, now Google and Facebook will win the Middle East. I said it before: The US is defending fascism against neoliberalism in the interest of its own hegemony. Nation states are losing the war against international capital.

"Cairo joke of the day!"
Mubarak croaks and goes to that huge 'deceased waiting room', where he meets Nasser and Sadat. They ask him: "so? What was it? Poison or a bullet." he sighs and shakes his head saying: "facebook!"
As'ad AbuKhalil
Amer sent me this: "And [Egyptian protesters are] more authentic and individualistic and natural, they do not attempt to perform for the West as much as the Lebanese. They are also less organized and directed, unlike both sides in Lebanon, they do not do north korean tricks and draw images and flags with their bodies. But make no mistake, the westernized middle class is the same everywhere."
The westernized middle class is the same everywhere.

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