Saturday, February 26, 2011

Marian Goodman continues to be one one of the best dealers in NY partly because she tries to come to terms with the conflicts between the old and new models of art; a conflict related to that between old and new models of journalism and media distribution. Fine art descends both from the monarchy and the high church, and relating itself to philosophy, deals in objects that carry pretensions to being something more than entertainment. Monetary value (of one of a kind objects) and philosophical value are related. This is why the mechanical reproduction of "art" precipitated a crisis. The art world has never come to terms with Shakespeare, just as philosophy has never come to terms with theater and "performance".

Pierre Huyghe

The current show includes a feature length film available only in an edition of 9, which is absurd. Does that detract from the film itself? What kind of film gets shown in an art gallery?  Questions for another day.

Goodman also represents Chantal Akerman, William Kentridge and Steve McQueen.

"Today there is no denying that narrative films are not only 'art' —not often good art, to be sure, but this applies to other media as well— but also, besides architecture, cartooning and 'commercial design,' the only visual art entirely alive.
Erwin Panofsky, “Style and Medium in the Motion Pictures” 1934

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