Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Joshua Marshall
You have to know the euphemisms and lingo of the Israel-Palestine issue to get what he's saying. But Mike Huckabee seems to be saying that solution to the conflict is for the Palestinians to leave what's now called the "West Bank" and have "the Arabs" find them a piece of land from the "vast amounts of territory that are in the hands of Muslims, in the hands of Arabs."

In other words, expulsion or what's sometimes euphemistically called "transfer".
[repeat] His friend Matthew Yglesias in 2002
After the last depressing news from the Middle East I think we have to start asking just how inhumane it would be for Israel to just expel the Palestinians from the occupied terroritories. [sic] The result would probably be out-and-out war with the neighboring Arab states, but Israel could win that.
M.J. Rosenberg now blames AIPAC for putting Israel on the wrong side of history, by supporting Arab dictators. A couple of years ago he said Israel should make deals with dictators when it could, because Arab democracies would never agree to Israeli terms. Going back further, on Oct 9 2006 he wrote: "I want the occupation to end, which means negotiating an end to it with the Palestinians whether we like them or not, and thereby preserving a majority Jewish state called Israel forever." He later deleted the post.
The beginning but not the post is at archive.org

And again, Josh Marshall and Yigal Allon
The ire in Tahrir Square is full of ironies, not the least of which is the American president who inspired such hope in the Middle East with his Cairo speech calling around this week to leaders in the region to stanch the uncontrolled surge of democracy in the Arab world.
Josh Marshall? Atrios? Matthew Yglesias?
MoDo the hack.

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