Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FLC Wikileaks
SECRET SUBJECT: IRAN ELECTIONS; DISARRAY IN BOTH CONSERVATIVE AND REFORMIST CAMPS; ....Reformists seemed divided and adrift, with no clear focus for aspirations, an uncertain message beyond criticism of Ahmedinejad, and poor prospects for electoral victory.
Also the Leveretts on protests today in Iran.

Wikileaks again: Al Jazeera
Leaked US cables show that Australia sees the Iranian nuclear programme as a "deterrent," a sharply contrary view to that of most Western countries. The leaks also reveal that Australia doesn't share the assessment that Iran is a "rogue state."

Also, Australian intelligence agencies fear Israel may launch a military strike on Iran to knock out its nuclear facilities, which they said could trigger a nuclear war, leaked US diplomatic cables have shown.
Iraq: "Curveball" says he lied

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