Friday, September 03, 2010

David Kurtz of TPM says "Muslim Is The New Gay", which is a convenient way of avoiding the more appropriate if discomfiting comparison of Muslims to Jews. It's still a fact that the European right, including the Pope, defends "Christian Europe".
When a German banker and former government official spoke publicly about a unique “Jewish gene,” when he attacked Islam as a source of violence and stunted development and when he espoused genetic theories that evoked the fright of the Nazi past, the political leadership here quickly condemned him as racist and called for him to be fired.

But the banker, Thilo Sarrazin, an executive with the central bank and a former Berlin finance minister, has not emerged as the marginalized hate-monger that the initial condemnation suggested. His book, “Germany Does Away With Itself,” which laments the growing number of Muslim immigrants, contending that they are “dumbing down” society, was released Monday and is already in its fourth printing, with sales expected to exceed 150,000 copies, according to his publisher.

Mr. Sarrazin has set off a painful public discussion here that highlights one of the nation’s most vexing challenges: how to overcome what is widely seen as a failed immigration policy that over decades has done little to support and integrate the nearly 20 percent of the population with an immigrant background. It is a policy that also stokes anti-Islamic sentiment and hostility.
Non-Jewish support for Zionism has always been more than simple defense of a right of Jewish emigration. Beyond that, open ideologists of racial separatism will always defend their own. Zionism is Jewish Garveyism- another obvious parallel that's been ignored. And now Israelis worry about demographics for the same reasons Germans do, and contrary to most assumptions with less history on their side. Palestinians are among other things the descendants of Jews who never left. I say that too often but that doesn't make it less true.

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