Monday, May 24, 2010

What liberal and conservative Zionists equally are afraid of:
There is a continuous delegitimization campaign against us. We are described as betrayers. But I can't betray something I'm not part of. I'm not part of the army. I'm not part of the Zionist ideology. I'm a victim of Zionism.... It's inhumane to demand that we be loyal to Zionism or accept Israel as a Jewish state. I can't accept a definition that strengthens the discrimination against non-Jews in Israel.

You don't accept Israel as a Jewish state?

I want it to be a state of its own nationalities, and the Arab minority to be recognized as a national minority. Israel is, according to the law, defined as a Jewish and democratic state. But there is a contradiction between the two values. If you are democratic, you should believe in equality. But if you define the nation by a Jewish ethnicity, you are saying any Jewish person is superior to a non-Jewish person.

How you do define yourself?

I'm a Palestinian-Arab citizen of Israel. We are part of the Palestinian people but citizens of Israel.
That something so clearly logical is hard for so many of our self-appointed intellectual and moral elite to understand is proof of the limits of unaided reason.

Language and culture operate through the slow transformation of the unknown, first into the foreign and distant, then the frightening, to the familiar, and the familial. You'd think this is something teachers would tell students, but it isn't; or it's said to apply to others and not us. But the rule of law is democracy's defense in all cultures against the self-justifying hubris of those who would claim to represent the rule of reason. Liberals who promote and defend the rule of reason do not understand democracy. They defend the racist anti-democratic rule of Israel as modern and just without recognizing their own irrationalism in doing so: assuming their own rationality their decisions must be true. But a Jewish (mono-ethnic) state with a multi-ethnic population cannot by definition be either a democracy or modern. That is the lie of Israel and it's the lie that made it a failed culture and now almost a failed state. It's an extension of the lie of intellectual and political vanguardism.

Kitsch is the declaration that dream equals reality. Israel as dream gave us Israel as kitsch. That liberals in another multi-ethnic state who would never defend equivalent policies where they live defend Israel as both democratic and modern is proof of the capacity among even the most intelligent for irrationalism, the best if imperfect defense against which is the formalized decision-making processes of democracy.
A liberal elite that talk only amongst themselves weaken democracy. The liberal elite in the Weimar Republic were as responsible for its fall as the rest of the population, and our own is no more interested in history. The liberal renewal such as it is is coming from where else.

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