Sunday, May 23, 2010

Greater New York is just depressing. Is NY that provincial now? Uneducated and narcissistic. The Bruce High Quality Rich Kids manage to pull it off again. They're like the Strokes but better.
That's enough I guess. Trust funds are good for something after all.

I was surprised to find out though I guess I should have known that Leigh Ledare still isn't fucking his mother. He can't even grow up that much. Fuck her and get it over with. If he's suffering for his art he should stop. He might be a better photographer if he just fucked her and tried photographing something else.

Reminds me of my mother at a Mapplethorpe retrospective, disgusted not by the sex but the self-pity.

One year Damien Hirst shows "No Sense of Absolute Corruption" and the next year contradicts himself by covering a skull in diamonds guaranteed not to be blood diamonds.
They should be guaranteed blood diamonds, with certificates of authenticity.

It wasn't a retrospective; that wouldn't make sense. Mapplethorpe didn't indulge in that way. It was a show in the photo gallery in the Guggenheim named for him, and in his honor. I forget the year, but remember it was full of theatrical moralizing, sullen posing. Standard stuff, but my mother's response made me laugh. "Where's the exuberance!?" She was always sympathetic to fucked-up lives and fatalism, but not to moralizing.

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