Friday, May 28, 2010

All I do is repeats.

"Is your mother a whore?" 

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Probably the next mayor of Reykjavik

Comments say the translation isn't very good, and I think the the reference actually is to a petting zoo. "A drug free parliament by 2020." That seems clear enough.

Again, the question of who takes up the slack in the face of intellectual and moral passivity in serious intellectual life.

Comedy is a form of specialization but what sort?

Comedians are empiricists. Jon Stewart's knowledge is language in use, as representative form, not non-representative formalism or Platonic form in the metaphysical world where numbers are imagined by some literally to exist. Imagining communication as an extension of the logic of one person saying to another,"Two plus two equals four",  elides the distinction in common speech between the active and passive voice. "I made a mistake" is not "Mistakes were made". Stewart knows that just as Murdoch's cronies do, but they got there first, with both Fox News and the Simpsons..

My punctuality is well known.
When the revolution takes place, I'll be late
And be shot as a traitor.

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