Sunday, April 25, 2010

For the last few years every time I've read liberals pontificating on the irrationalism of others I've thought of Steven Weinberg and Tyler Cowen, Colin McGinn and G.A. Cohen, etc.

But I've also thought of this

and more recently, and also found through CT, this
Books that Have Influenced Me the Most
1. The Phantom Tollbooth
2. Dune
3. The Dark Knight Returns and The Watchmen
4. A Brief History of Time
5. Atlas Shrugged
6 The Bell Curve
7. Nicomachean Ethics
8. Law Legislation and Liberty
9. Tractatus Logic0-Philosophicus
10. Universals: An Opinionated Introduction
11. In Praise of Commercial Culture [Tyler Cowen linked above]
12. Morals by Agreement
13. A Theory of Justice.
Duncan Black is all for boycotting Arizona, but liberals agree: the Arab citizens of Israel should leave.
Both publics are tired of the conflict; a majority on both sides want peace. Though for the Palestinians peace translates first of all as an end of the occupation and not having to see Israeli soldiers or settlers; while for Israelis, peace translates as security and quiet, an improved quality of life and preferably without seeing Palestinians.
Half the population of those under the authority of the Israel government are not Jewish, and most of them are not Israeli citizens. Zionism being racist in theory and in fact, liberal Zionism is an oxymoron. But still we have discussions among liberal defenders of Israel of the irrationalty of others.

Of course Cohen, Sanchez, and Wilkinson are liberals: they share a liberal fantasy of their own agency; all they would debate is the agency of others. The absurdity of Sanchez' posing and Wilkinson's, in his own "author's portrait" remind me of my comments years ago on Yglesias' adolescent inability to tell the difference between thoughtful arrogance and arrogant thoughtfulness. First comes the air of seriousness.
This is all so easy and so obvious it's just boring. Disgust is almost beyond me at this point.

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