Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Angry Aristocrat fumbles.
He's a modernist, defensive about the backwardness of the Middle East; but as a defender of the same simple dualism as the idiot cartoonist his response is muddled.

Let's see a white comic in Georgia try to do Richard Pryor's old routines, with every sentence including the word "nigger" at least once. Let's see a Turkish newspaper publish a mocking caricature of the head of the Armenian church. And then there's Israel.

I'm not going to defend threats that result from stupidity but I won't defend stupidity. Free speech is a rule and rules only function within structures founded in trust. Rules on their own don't mean shit. This is something liberals have never understood.

It's a hallmark of American culture that the anger of the poor becomes the arrogance and self-indulgence of the middle class.

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