Friday, June 19, 2009

Steve Clemons on monday titled a post And the Shooting in Tehran Has Begun. I called it inflammatory, he removed my comment. [I'd put it bluntly, and I'd also referred to the coup attempt in Gaza which he'd backed].
Today Jim Sleeper pens Now, the Crackdown

As if that's what they're hoping for. Makhmalbaf's interview with Foreign Policy is just more attempts to stir the pot. He's playing with other people's lives.

This is going to be resolved politically. It has to be unless martyrdom is the goal. The liberals and the conservatives have to unite now against the reactionaries or the reactionaries will regroup. Americans' support for the liberals alone, as 'revolutionaries,' is naive and shortsighted at best. At worst it's self-serving in the most cynical way; and of course it's counterproductive. Hypocrisy and narcissism are a given. The only reason Iran is getting so much attention is the nuclear issue. No attention to Egypt, Gaza, and the west bank. The dictator Hosni Mubarak is not, contra Obama's praise: "a force for good."
The people of iran are secondary either to idiot romance or Machiavellian schemes. They've been played by all sides.

Makhmalbaf speaks again, even sleazier than the last time.

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