Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Revolutionary Bourgeois
I've been making that argument for a long time. The dictators' modernity of Saddam Hussein, the Shah, Sadat, the Turkish military et al. were a sham modernity. What we've been seeing in Turkey and what we're seeing now in Iran is the bourgeois revolution. I linked to this a few days ago:
"You know why so many poorer women voted for Ahmadinejad? There are three million of them who make carpets in their homes. They had no insurance. When Ahmadinejad realised this, he immediately brought in a law to give them full insurance. Ahmadinejad's supporters were very shrewd. They got the people out in huge numbers to vote – and then presented this into their vote for Ahmadinejad."
So Ahmadinejad won the Luddite vote.

This post transcribes a conversation about the vote count:
"(edited only to remove my own ‘yes’ and ‘ok’ and ‘exactly’ and ‘i cannot stand makhmalbaf’ asides)"
And all the great ironic modern Iranian films of course are bourgeois culture, and document the birth of bourgeois culture. As usual, all basic stuff.

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