Monday, June 15, 2009

The "Regime"
Josh Marshall misses the point. A few people have referred to this as an Iranian Tiananmen. I have too but in fact it's more a cross between Tiananmen and Bush vs Gore, with powerful people on both sides. It's a split within "the party" and among the populace. But if it's is resolved peaceably, even with compromise rather than outright victory for one side or the other, Iran will be stronger for it.

Khamenei vs Rafsanjani, or Rafsanjani vs Yazdi and the Republican Guards, with Khamenei in the middle playing all sides to preserve his own authority?

Pepe Escobar is too much of a romantic, but he supplies a lot of information.

Pepe Escobar vs Flynt Leverett: "Ahmadinejad Won. Get Over It"

Helena Cobban:"The whole internal struggle over these issues inside Iran is considerably complicated by the fact that the US government has, even under Obama, been continuing the Bush-initiated program of giving support to dissidents and members of national minorities. That program should stop."

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