Thursday, January 04, 2007

Someone who's worked with Hillary Clinton once described her as like an Episcopal priest from a wealthy congregation, one who thinks it's her due to share their status and their privileges. The press are professional cynics. They can be bought and sold but like most people they don't like being lectured on morality by hypocrites who don't have the self-awareness of honest liars.  Put even more simply: all politics is schoolyard politics. It doesn't matter that Gore never said he invented the internet. Nobody respects a whiner, even if he's right. Karl Rove knows this; everyone knows this. Rove was the fat kid who was smart enough to go for revenge, even if he wasn't smart enough to think beyond it.
The press is a thing to be befriended and co-opted. This is old news. So old that reading Andrew Marr, I was embarrassed that I'd ever forgotten it.

It's a bubble but it's a goldmine for a while. I'm in, all the way, but not in the bubble.

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