Friday, December 29, 2006

update Jan 1: Badger from Arab Links added a comment below. The post he mentions is here. I start of glibly but it gets better. I appreciate the compliment.

A christmas present from my sister:
My Trade: A Short History of British Journalism.
Marr's choice of title says a lot.

feliz año nuevo


  1. thanks for your comments today over at my place, comments which I thoroughly agree with by the way. It was quite interesting, and I think you rescued the discussion. Btw, I think your link here probably was intended to be to that posting, but inadvertently it looks as if you linked to the site as a whole....

  2. Thanks for the compliments Badger. It's not often I get accused of rescuing a discussion.

    I posted the link on the 29th, after your posts on the non-debate over the "surge" and the reports in Al-Hayat. Out of laziness I linked to the page and not the posts.
    hope I sent one or two people[!] your way.


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