Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Orlando Patterson is an idiot.
Aside from the fact that I have no idea what in general terms "Freedom" is or means- try defining the word- it's fucking absurd for Patterson to argue this:
A basic flaw in the approach of the president and his neoliberal (a k a neoconservative) advisers was their failure to distinguish western beliefs about freedom from those critical features of it that non-western peoples were likely to embrace.
First of all does the Decider's American fundamentalist 'base' have any more interest in what Patterson sees himself as defending than the average conservative Sunni or Shia? Is Sam Brownback really that interested in John Locke? The world sees this country in it's strengths and weaknesses as more or less barbarian, while the American technocratic class continues to imagine we're either Imperial Rome or Sweden with nukes.
You're all a bunch of fucking idiots.
He likened the building, the Phare Tower, to a “layered dress” or a woman’s slip. “The skin becomes primary, the body secondary,” Mr. Mayne said. “It becomes metabolic, the skin. It moves.”
Experience and perception as opposed to ideal. Neither idealistic nor cynical (morally passive). The basic definition of the Baroque as opposed to Mannerist sensibility and the underlying principle of contemporary culture.
The neocortex is essentially asking the hippocampus to replay events that contain a certain image, place or sound,” he said. “The neocortex is trying to make sense of what is going on in the hippocampus and to build models of the world, to understand how and why things happen.”
These models are presumably used to direct behavior, Dr. Wilson said. They are able to generate expectations about the world and plausibly fill in blanks in memory.
Out of the raw material of perception we build models of the world and those models are what we experience as consciousness. The US is the one country in the world where the intellectual class is unable to see the possibility of anything other than a one-to-one ratio of model to external world as a moral crisis, while the majority of the people are happy to see the dream as the reality and a few cynics play them all for suckers. This is a country without a history of civilized, skeptical, humane irony. Is it any wonder I drink alone. [That's not true. I don't drink alone all the time, I also drink with immigrants and stockbrokers.]

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