Monday, December 11, 2006

Inane post by Lee Feinstein, a hack from the Council on Foreign Relations at TPMCafe. As usual the comments make it worthwhile. I'm in there too but on a side issue.
And Spencer Ackerman is another teenage putz. I've had a little fun with him on his page. He writes to express his opinions even while admitting he doesn't have the right to have them. A true Pundit. An American liberal in every sense of the word that makes me cringe. I do my usual bit; other people do it better at the first link above (or click here)
And again from Bruce Jentleson (ex Clnton State Dept./CFR/Gore etc.)


  1. That's a funny comeback from Ackerman it's so meaningless. The closest thing they ever had to any kind of independence for the development of a "liberal order" in the past 60 years was under Qassim:

    who was overthrown by the CIA, curtesy Critchfield:

    Prior to that, I guess we can blame the British for the inevitability of the Iraqis inability to build a stable government. Just so long as it ain't our fault.

  2. "stable government", "liberal order", whatever, you know what I mean.


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