Monday, September 11, 2006

This would not have been necessary if the Democrats had stood for something, anything, on principle. If the situation were reversed the Republicans would have never stopped fighting. If the Reagan biopic had run on CBS, the right would have howled even more the next day.
This morning? Nothing.
Self-interest is a good motivator. The Liberal leadership worries about the poor, but they aren't poor. They worry about the middle class, but they aren't middle class. They make their money the same way the republicans do, and being American and having the best intentions, they have no idea why the Republicans win.

Again check out DeLong trying to figure out whether or not he likes the rich. If he thinks they're necessary then he wants to think that they're good people. But he wonders why they behave in bad ways.

The American imagination is gullible and paranoid, cheaply cynical or Panglossian.
To be an adult is to cringe.

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