Friday, September 15, 2006

Cold War Liberals.
I'm about as scared of Iran as I was of Russia Under Brezhnev.

Tristero, riffing on a paper from the Carnegie Endowment:
In other words, it will be very difficult to achieve a major defeat of Hezbollah. Indeed, one troubling result of the recent war in South Lebanon is the possibility of a stronger Sunni/Shi'a alliance against Israel. Such an alliance would enhance Iran's standing in the region. Therefore, one way to resist this is to counterbalance " the excitement generated by their [Hezbollah's] anti-Israel words and deeds" by highlighting how much Iran's ambitions will impinge Sunni interests.
The Great Game.

I've heard no comments in this country yet. Too many Catholics? Too many Christians? The Pope's an idiot.

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