Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Link from Helena Cobban, included in a long post that is litle more than a linklist, with commentary, to stories in Haaretz describing what seems to be absolute chaos among the leadership of the country.
One article on Olmert at a Knesset committee meeting:
"Olmert also told the committee that "there were failures in the war, but there were also amazing achievements. Has the U.S. collapsed after three years in Iraq? What's the panic? We all make mistakes, I first of all."

"What did you think, that there would be a war and nothing would happen to our soldiers," Olmert asked the committee. "The claim that we lost is unfounded. Half of Lebanon is destroyed; is that a loss?"
Olmert also did not know in advance abou the bids going out for new construction in the west bank. But Amir Peretz, the 'laborite' [sic] defense minister did.

Also, quoting Hobban: "...the attorney general has rejected two of the five people (men) whom Olmert had named to serve on the committee he is forming to look into the problems of the recent war. The reason? Because, as an Israeli good-governance NGO pointed oput, these men are both executives with major defense-contracting companies, and therefore have a clear financial/professional stake in the ooutcome of the committee's work."

And Hobban again: " HaAretz has found potentially five more women who claim they have been either sexually harrassed or sexually assaulted by State President Moshe Katsav-- at least one of whom now says she's prepared to join the existing complainant in testifying publicly against him."

And IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz is in trouble. The list goes on and on. Links at Just World News

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