Monday, August 28, 2006

If the US attacks Iran, the assholes I read everyday will be as responsible as anyone: from the Times to The American Prospect, to Starbucks.

The lunatics in Israel claim authority over the entire middle east, and they have the bomb.
The piece in the Times today was pathetic, though it contained the first mention of Savak I've read anywhere in the American press in years. Once in a blue moon I read the word Mossadegh.

I'm trying to imagine the educated few in this country who are proud to know the truth about the hostage crisis in '79: that it was the result of the US letting the Shah into the country. [the vast majority of the people in this country think the Iranians were merely in league with the devil.]
But to the rest of the world this was merely the last insult tossed by the US at the people of Iran. When was the last time I read anything that acknowledged that the students in Tehran had a point?

Iran offered years ago to negotiate a settlement that included Israeli nukes. It was rejected.

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